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Training Associates to be Effective, and The Role of Technology

Well-trained associates are a vital piece of achieving success in retail, and yet associate training and retention pose significant challenges. Why? Because retailers are under intense pressure to keep costs low and sales high. And, unfortunately, staffing is still viewed as an expense that needs to be controlled and even cut in order to generate...

Brian Field
by Brian Field on 7-20-16 in Industry Trends

Blurred Lines: The Collision of the Online And In-Store Experience

Today, a primary goal for brick-and-mortar retailers is to become a part of customers’ mobile experiences in order to influence the shopper during her in-store experience. Perfecting location-based targeting and generating the most relevant data to identify a user’s unique interests have been long-standing goals of tech behemoths, like Google and Facebook. Both of these...

by Bill McCarthy on 7-19-16 in Industry Trends

A Smart Retail IoT Strategy is Both Possible and Necessary

The following article was originally published in Retail Info Systems News  on July 08, 2016. The proliferation of mobile technologies combined with widespread Internet access has rapidly altered just about every aspect of our lives. Now, the Internet of Things (IoT) promises an even greater revolution. Some applications – such as smart cities that use...

by Adan Pope on 7-13-16 in Technology

4th of July’s Top 5: Shopper Traffic Results, by City

Determining staffing needs over a holiday weekend can be a challenge for retailers, as holiday weekends often bring uncertainty around shopping behavior.  Will the free time that comes with a holiday cause more people to flock to the stores, or prompt them to stay at home? When traffic could conceivably skyrocket or plummet, how can a retailer staff...


What Does Your Storefront Say About Your Business?

First impressions matter. Storefronts can attract or repel customers instantly. In fact, results from a recent study performed by Morpace say that 52% of customers have avoided a business altogether because it looked unappealing. In order to capitalize on pass-by traffic and drive sales, pay attention to the following factors that affect customers’ first impressions:...


5 Critical Components of a Successful IoT Retail Strategy

The Internet of Things (IoT) is poised to transform the retail industry. As consumers’ expectations, along with their shopping habits, evolve, retailers must prepare to leverage data and new technology to compete in today’s rapidly advancing marketplace. We know that it can be challenging to stay up to date on the latest IoT advances, which is...

by Bill McCarthy on 6-29-16 in Industry Trends

Training, Associate Effectiveness, and the Role of Technology

A version of this article originally appeared in Innovative Retail Technologies. Well-trained associates are a vital piece to achieving success in retail, and yet associate training and retention pose significant challenges. Why? Because retailers are under intense pressure to keep costs low and sales high. And, unfortunately, staffing is still viewed as an expense that...

Brian Field
by Brian Field on 6-24-16 in Industry Trends

Retail Analytics Buzzwords, a Guide

Like most industries, retail, along with the emerging field of retail analytics, has its fair share of inside lingo and, even, buzzwords. In this post, we’ve collected an overview of several important terms that decision makers across the retail organization need to know and understand. Retail Analytics Buzzwords, Defined Abandonment: The number of visitors (or the...

by Bill McCarthy on 6-23-16 in Industry Trends

Tips for Mastering Phygital Retailing: 3 Brands that Got it Right

In recent years, consumers have undeniably come to expect, as opposed to desire, “phygital” retail – which, like its sibling term “omnichannel,” refers to the act of creating a seamless integration between the physical and digital shopping experiences. Equipped with the power to disrupt traditional sales models, phygital communications can help retailers get even closer...

by Bill McCarthy on 6-17-16 in Industry Trends

Introduction to Retail Analytics: KPIs, Traffic Counts, and More

Ever wonder how location-based technology helps retail businesses grow? Been curious to know precisely which KPI is the most important for your business? These questions and more are answered in the following video interview between Luke Horrocks, a ShopperTrak Engagement Manager, and Retail Systems, a leading POS business. In this informative interview, Horrocks explains the...

by Bill McCarthy on 6-16-16 in Industry Trends
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