The quarterly earnings call and a new perspective on performance. “Store comps up” or “same store sales, up” these are the most oft heard responses (when earnings truly are up) to Analysts during the “call”. But the notion of sales comps being the gold standard of health is being challenged.

Analysts intuitively understand the results achieved against the total opportunity are a more well-rounded health indicator. “Conversion comp” and “traffic comp” data offers insights beyond revenue and margin. Operational and marketing effectiveness can be ascertained when conversion and traffic are tracked over time, a more well-rounded indicator of health.  


Retail and real estate analysts rely on our Business Analytics reports for a unique view on the health of their relevant stock holdings.   As they become aware of our exclusive insights, Analysts are beginning to ask questions like:

What was your conversion rate during last quarter?
What is your average store conversion comp?
What was your daily average traffic and how did that compare over the prior quarter?