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Top 5 Ways to Leverage ShopperTrak Insights and Improve Performance

ShopperTrak Insights are comprised of unique multi-layered analytics and compelling actionable insights delivered via an easy-to-use, intuitive interface. These critical insights allow retailers to quickly, easily assess performance and identify where action needs to be taken to improve performance.

Posted 08.07.2013

Retail Big Data: Past, Present & Future

Over the past few months, you’ve likely heard the term “Big Data” with some frequency. But what exactly does it mean? More importantly, what does it mean to retailers?

Posted 08.07.2013

The Sum of Success.

Selecting the right people counting system and support team is critical to ensuring truly accurate, actionable data. Approach your people counting system with a holistic view; help minimize total cost of ownership and maximize returns by selecting the vendor with proven technology and industry-leading expertise in complete business solutions.

Posted 01.07.2013

Empowering Retail Intelligence Through Business Analytics

Benchmarking retail health requires an unmistakably holistic approach. Think of it in terms of the human body’s vital signs. Taken alone, key metrics—such as temperature, blood pressure, and body mass index—give clues to overall well-being but nowhere near the full story. Understanding the big picture requires more than isolated measurements; it requires knowledge of how each data point compares to a standard.

Posted 12.03.2012