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Interior Location Analytics

Recently acquired RapidBlue Solutions, a mobile technology company, enables performance measurement beyond the doorway and into the aisles and end-caps.

Posted 07.15.2013

Recap of Q1 2013 Retail Traffic Benchmarks

The Traffic Report from ShopperTrak Business Analytics provides critical contextual data for evaluating retail health. It allows financial analysts and corporate retail executives to compare traffic trends and uncover growth or stagnation relative to their industry. This key comparative data is available at the national, regional, market and local levels.

Posted 07.15.2013

Generating ROI with In-Store Analytics

Join ShopperTrak’s Founder, Bill Martin, and George Aspland, Director of Product Strategy, for a presentation on how retailers are increasing in-store revenue by using interior analytics technologies, such as video analytics and Bluetooth counting.

Posted 05.13.2013