Interior Analytics

Vital In-Store Analytics to Improve Store Performance Based on Shopper Behavior

ShopperTrak’s Interior Analytics suite is designed to provide retailers with new metrics that instantly deliver insight into shopper behavior and retention. 

Unlike other systems that flood users with lots of data and little guidance, ShopperTrak's Interior Analytics suite is a carefully chosen set of metrics that are necessary for retailers to optimize layouts, product mix, signage, labor allocation, and customer service.

Several levels of detail are offered to meet the needs of today’s retailer:

Interior Analytics

The Interior Analytics suite works as part of the ShopperTrak Managed Service to help retailers answer the following key questions, among others:

  • Draw Rate: How many people enter my store vs. pass-by?
  • Abandonment Rate: How many people walk in and immediately leave?
  • Loyalty:  How often do people return to my store? 
  • Zone Traffic:  What parts of my store are seeing the most or least amount of shopper traffic?
  • Dwell Time: How long do people stay in my store or in a specific department?
  • Service Time:  How long is it taking to get shoppers through the check-out lanes?

Interior Analytics

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