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Retail Q & A: Loyalty Programs

In this interview, Kevin Kearns, ShopperTrak’s Chief Revenue Officer, offers his take on the efficacy of modern retail loyalty programs. What do you see as the top customer loyalty trend emerging this year? I think retailers are realizing the importance of diversifying their techniques to drive loyalty. In this increasingly competitive environment, cost-cutting and discounts...


New Technologies Help Retailers Step Up Loyalty Programs

The retail shopping experience is undergoing a transformation as more and more shopping shifts from brick-and-mortar stores to online. Though this trend will continue, thanks to emerging mobile technologies and changing consumer preferences, brick-and-mortar locations still have plenty of life in them. This is especially true for apparel retailers because seeing and touching merchandise remains...

by Chetan Ghai on 3-24-16 in Industry Trends

Customer Loyalty: Don’t Buy Your Shoppers’ Love

You love your shoppers, but do your shoppers love you? Retaining and creating loyal shoppers is a challenge for many retailers, but it’s one that demands attention – in fact, acquiring a new customer can cost up to five times as much as retaining an existing one. When designing loyalty programs, one common misstep is...

by Kevin Kearns on 2-12-16 in Industry Trends

Amazon Prime Day – the Service, the Sale, and Why it Matters

The industry is buzzing about Amazon Prime Day—boldly designated July 15, in which Amazon pledges to offer more exclusive deals than Black Friday. Before we dive into Amazon Prime Day, let’s quickly note that Amazon Prime is a subscription service that, most notably, grants members free two-day shipping. Additional benefits include: television shows and movies (several...

by Kevin Kearns on 7-15-15 in Popular Posts

Shopper Loyalty Programs Done Right

Not all loyalty programs are made equally. The days of simply presenting a generic plastic card at the point of sale are gone.  Today’s consumers desire a personalized, integrated connection while shopping, whether in a brick-and-mortar location, or at home.   In order to understand this shift, it’s important to first acknowledge the following trends...

by Kevin Kearns on 4-29-15 in Industry Trends

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