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Striking a Balance Between Brick-and-Mortar & Online

NPR’s Dec. 27th  article and podcast, “Brick-and-Mortar Stores go Further to Get You in the Door,” gets to the heart of an increasingly-relevant challenge that many retailers confronted this holiday season: how to align online and brick-and-mortar businesses, given changing consumer preferences and shopping behaviors. NPR spoke to Suzanne Kapner, who covers retail for the Wall...

by Dana O'Neill on 12-30-15 in Industry Trends

Online-to-Offline: Best Practices for Driving Omnichannel Engagement

Shoppers today expect a synchronized online-to-offline experience. However, many retailers struggle to integrate the digital and physical shopping journeys. While there is no single path to omnichannel success, retailers can learn new how-tos by reviewing tactics implemented by other top retailers. Here are three exemplary brands that are seamlessly turning crowds of online browsers into...

by Dana O'Neill on 9-9-15 in Industry Trends

10 Tactics to Improve the Shopper Experience

On Tuesday, August 18, ShopperTrak participated in a webinar hosted by RIS News about the “New Rules of Customer Engagement in a Disrupted Landscape”, which focused on ways that retailers can engage with shoppers across the path-to-purchase in order to drive sales. Highlights include how to: Create compelling at-home browsing and shopping experiences Drive shoppers to stores, increasing...


Online to Offline Commerce O2O: Integrating Digital and Brick & Mortar Retail

Many believe that growth within the world’s online markets signifies the demise of traditional brick-and-mortar retailers. Companies strongly rooted in offline commerce have avoided this bleak reality by using new technologies and systems to rethink the connection between the digital and physical marketplaces. More and more, we see the potential for marrying online and offline...

by Kevin Kearns on 8-25-14 in Industry Trends

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