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Associate Effectiveness Drives Seasonal Success for Apparel Retailers

Capitalizing on busy seasonal shopping periods is critical for apparel retailers. This year, the National Retail Federation predicts that total 2016 back-to-school sales will reach $75.8 billion, with a significant portion going toward apparel. The holiday season generates an estimated 19 percent of annual sales for apparel retailers, according to Cowen & Co., representing an...

Brian Field
by Brian Field on 9-29-16 in Industry Trends

How ‘Shoppertainment’ Elevates the In-Store Experience to Drive Traffic and Sales

Online retail sales continue to grow as changing shopper behavior places greater expectations on brick-and-mortar retail. Despite this trend, store-based retailing remains more profitable than direct-to-consumer retailing, largely due to the high cost of free shipping and returns associated with online sales. The silver lining for retailers is that many consumers still prefer in-store shopping....

by Bill McCarthy on 8-30-16 in Industry Trends

Retail Analytics Buzzwords, a Guide

Like most industries, retail, along with the emerging field of retail analytics, has its fair share of inside lingo and, even, buzzwords. In this post, we’ve collected an overview of key terms that decision makers across the retail organization need to know and understand. Test yourself and see how may retail analytics buzzwords do you know....

by Bill McCarthy on 6-23-16 in Industry Trends

Tips for Mastering Phygital Retailing: 3 Brands that Got it Right

In recent years, consumers have undeniably come to expect, as opposed to desire, “phygital” retail – which, like its sibling term “omnichannel,” refers to the act of creating a seamless integration between the physical and digital shopping experiences. Equipped with the power to disrupt traditional sales models, phygital communications can help retailers get even closer...

by Bill McCarthy on 6-17-16 in Industry Trends

Introduction to Retail Analytics: KPIs, Traffic Counts, and More

Ever wonder how location-based technology helps retail businesses grow? Been curious to know precisely which KPI is the most important for your business? These questions and more are answered in the following video interview between Luke Horrocks, a ShopperTrak Engagement Manager, and Retail Systems, a leading POS business. In this informative interview, Horrocks explains the...

by Bill McCarthy on 6-16-16 in Industry Trends

Location-based marketing success stories: Three retailers driving ROI

According to a study conducted by Accenture, 60% of US consumers want a more personalized shopping experience with real-time promotions. Retailers are now looking to leverage mobile devices in tandem with location-based marketing technologies to create a more personalized shopper journey. Often times, this is easier said than done, and retailers aren’t always sure what...

by Bill McCarthy on 6-10-16 in Industry Trends

Optimizing Opportunities: Johnston & Murphy, a Luxury American Shoe Brand

Earlier this week, Johnston & Murphy, a luxury American shoe brand, was featured in STORES Magazine profile on the company’s success with boosting sales and service through leveraging ShopperTrak’s analytics. Read the original article below to see how Johnston & Murphy used retail analytics to not only increase conversion rate (sales), but to offer better...

by Kevin Kearns on 5-19-16 in Industry Trends

A New Spin on Mall Metrics Improves Business Decisions

As a mall expert, you may already leverage basic traffic data to make decisions. But how can more advanced traffic analytics help you understand and identify additional opportunities within your mall? And what related information can help provide a more holistic view and transform the way you make business decisions? Here are three new ideas...


Key Challenges for Retailers in 2016, an Interview

Retail TouchPoints stopped by ShopperTrak’s booth with cameras in tow at this year’s BIG Show. In this video interview, Debbie Hauss, Editor at Retail TouchPoints, talks to ShopperTrak’s Chief Revenue Officer, Kevin Kearns, about key challenges for retailers in 2016. Hauss also inquires about the debut of ShopperTrak’s Advanced Analytics platform. Watch the interview to hear...


Video: Johnston & Murphy Testimonial

Founded in 1850, Johnston & Murphy is a luxury American shoe brand that is known for its superior service and quality. In this video, the company’s Executive Vice President of Retail and eCommerce, Danny Ewoldsen, shares how the adoption of ShopperTrak’s People Counting & Conversion solution led to a 10% increase in conversion, as well...

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