The Future of Shopping Centers & Large-Format Venues

The Future of Shopping Centers & Large-Format Venues

by Katie Twohy on 1-22-16 in Industry Trends

In this edition of ShopperTrends, Chetan Ghai, ShopperTrak’s Chief Product Officer, comments on the future of shopping centers, trends in large-format venues, and how places, such as malls, can leverage traffic and consumer behavior data.

Ghai believes that, slowly but surely, malls are becoming recreational venues in which one will shop, dine, and seek out other forms of entertainment (e.g., cinema). With this functional shift, mall owners and GMs need to be especially aware of where and how mall patrons spend their time within the building.

For additional advice on leveraging location-based analytics for large-format venues, watch Ghai’s video in its entirety.

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Katie Twohy is the Vice President of Global Marketing for ShopperTrak, where she is responsible for leading all marketing efforts across the U.S., APAC, EMEA and Latin America regions. Twohy has served in roles of increasing responsibility with ShopperTrak, including the Director of Marketing and Product Manager for reporting services.

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