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3 Tactics for Leveraging Data

Three ways to leverage the wealth of available data supplied by in-store and online technologies in order to identify opportunities, refine activities and connect with customers.

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In-Store Payroll Optimization

Associates are a key piece to a retail environment and they are the catalyst for generating sales and increasing customer engagement. Examine how staffing evaluations can thoughtfully inform the appropriate mix of full and part-time associates based on their desired labor model.

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Johnston & Murphy Testimonial

Learn how ShopperTrak’s Retail Analytics solution helped Johnston & Murphy achieve and sustain a 10% increase in conversion.

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Retail Analytics

Understanding the impact of marketing and operational efforts on in-store sales is complicated. Not only have shopper behaviors changed, but the retail landscape has rapidly evolved.

Retailers and mall owners need a retail analytics solution with reliable data to help them make informed decisions that positively impact sales. With insight into how many shoppers are walking into a store and when, retailers can create effective marketing and operational decisions and understand the related impact. Incorporating broader market benchmark, promotional, and other data sets, retailers will be able to convert real-time data into meaningful insight to sell more, faster.

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Customer Engagement

Today’s modern shopper is no longer just purchasing a product, but demanding an experience. Highly-informed consumers are looking for more information and a customized experience during their shopping journey.

Retailers and mall owners need a customer engagement solution to provide opportunities to digitally engage with shoppers across the path-to-purchase. With emerging mobile and Wi-Fi technologies, retailers can provide local store information and personalized content before a visit and then a customized experience once in-store. Earning greater engagement and awareness, retailers will earn loyalty, convert behaviors into revenue, and grow market share.

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Professional Services

Retailers and mall owners juggle a variety of data sets to assess store operations, marketing efforts and customer behaviors. Even when the data is compiled from individual sources and standardized, finding the hours and labor required to extract meaningful, accurate insight is untenable.

Retailers and mall owners need a professional services solution to provide the framework for positioning the impact of traffic, conversion, and other key metrics across the organization. With an established change management process, retailers can prepare, manage and reinforce tactics to gain buy-in from the field and accelerate results. Through further data integration, segmenting and peer group analysis, retailers will achieve high-impact results.

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