2018 Technology Preview

by Bill McCarthy on 01-18-18

Each year, Retail TouchPoints asks several experts across the retail industry to address the question “Which technology trend will impact the retail industry most significantly in 2018 (and why)?”.

This year, seventeen executives weighed in on the topic, including Dave Berg, ShopperTrak’s Global Head of Solutions Management.

Their responses centered around 6 categories, including:

  • Data/Analytics: As retail data grows exponentially, AI and advanced analytics will enable companies to make smarter, more agile and more customer-centric business decisions;
  • Digital Innovation: Unified commerce goes beyond omnichannel experiences to omni-device strategies that empower consumers to resolve shopping issues; and
  • Store Experience: Retailers are implementing an integrated approach to personalization across all engagement channels.

And while the piece highlights the various ways technology (and its impact) may effect the retail industry in 2018, Dave chose to focus on the importance of doing less with more. Turning an age-old adage on its head, Dave explores the topic on pg. 20, and we think you’ll appreciate his take on the importance of optimizing technological investments for a successful future. View the pdf  report: Retail TouchPoints 2018 Tech Preview.

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Bill McCarthy is the General Manager of the Americas, in which he oversees regional efforts pertaining to the Traffic Insights business unit.