As Business Technology Transforms Focus on these 4 Things

As Technology Transforms, Focus on These Four Things

by Adan Pope on 6-9-15 in Technology

When examining today’s business technology landscape, it’s easy to get lost in the noise – the newest app, the most cutting-edge feature, or the latest buzzword. However, there are four key technology trends that are truly shaping the future of business across all industry segments. These technologies change things: they produce opportunities for fresh business models, create new levels of awareness, enhance engagement, and scale operations.

1. Analytics – Today’s world is swimming in data. The majority of modern interactions generate some degree of information – e.g., using our credit cards, passing through a toll booth, making a call, sending a text, or sharing one’s location data in exchange for points or coupons. Today, businesses are clamoring for the insights behind big data. The key to harnessing analytics effectively does not lie solely in gathering data, but in analyzing large, unstructured data sets via optimal processing techniques. Then, the critical next step becomes acting, in a timely manner, upon the insights gleaned from efficient analyses.

2. Cloud – Ultimately, each company will be affected by cloud computing technology. As the cost for computing resources decreases and the need for global computing scale rises, full and hybrid clouds have emerged as the chosen solutions that enable companies to grow and scale. The scalability, stability, and ubiquity the cloud offers makes it the logical choice for distributed computing for the foreseeable future. Tech giants – such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft and several others – have already invested heavily in establishing clouds at a global scale.

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Adan Pope is the Chief Technology Officer at ShopperTrak, where he oversees the organization's technological advancement, including the research and development of cutting-edge innovations. He is a highly experienced communications software executive with a 25-year career in technical strategy and leadership that has seen him consistently working at the forefront of industry innovation.

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