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2015 NFL Draft Impacts Chicago Retail

by Kevin Kearns on 5-5-15 in Industry Trends

Chicago’s Grant Park morphed into Draft Town, in celebration of the 2015 NFL Draft, which ran from Thursday, April 30 through Saturday, May 2. It was a historic occurrence, as this was the draft’s first time outside of New York City in 50 years. The celebration spanned over 900,000 square feet and saw over 100,000 fans flood the arena (Chicago Sun-Times).

In honor of such a major moment in sports, we examined shopper visits in the direct area of the draft (60601 zip code) from April 29 to May 3, 2015 and compared it to the same weekend in 2014.

From the data, we found that shopper visits increased more than 16% year-over-year. It’s also important to note that weather conditions were not drastically different between years, with the most significant difference being 10 degrees.

ShopperTrak Chicago NFL Draft Retail Impact

As the weather warms and major cities enter peak festival season, it’s important for retailers to recognize the increased potential for sales and understand how to leverage shopper traffic. By implementing retail analytics, retailers are able to optimize their marketing and in-store strategies to make peak traffic times most advantageous.

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