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How to Keep Customers in Your Store


Now, more than ever, customers have information available before and during trips to retail stores. Shoppers want to be the top priority when they walk into a store and often, if they don’t get attention right away, they are willing to go to another store quickly. Retailers need to have a plan in place, not only to keep customers in their store, but to keep them coming back, time and time again.

Below are some helpful tips for retail managers about how to keep customers in their store, and make them come back for more:

Say It With a Smile

A customer’s first steps into a store can be a telltale sign of how the rest of their visit will go. It is a must for retailers to have an inviting, open-ended question for their associates to ask when customers walk in the door. If employees are occupied upon the time of a shopper’s arrival, an associate must put his current duties on hold to greet the customer who is walking into the store.

Many ShopperTrak clients see an improvement in their conversion rate when their sales intercept increases. Greetings go a long way. Small talk, compliments, and interactive conversation are almost always welcomed in a positive manner—and it shows in the numbers.

Get in the Zone

If a store is big enough, and the manager has enough employees, managers should assign their staff to specific zones in order to boost sales intercept. Zone assignments helps keep customers satisfied. Abandonment rate decrease when customers are greeted and zones are properly stocked with the correct merchandise.

Everyone Plays a Part

Managers need their employees to constantly be on the same page. Small check-ins throughout the day go a long way. Frequent updates, especially to the stock staff, help shift changes go smoothly. When stock is low, or people are rushing into the store, the stock staff needs to make sure the proper merchandise is on the floor, so that the sales team can sell to its full potential. Our clients also see high abandonment rates when stock staff is not available. When everyone is held accountable, goals are easier to reach.

Wait For It

Long check-out lines are one of the top contributors to abandonment. To help with queue management, some of our retailers use mobile POS. Mobile POS helps lower abandonment rate and speed along the check-out process.


If you follow these tips, shoppers are sure to become current and future customers. Good luck!



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