The Next New Thing in Retail: The In-Store Experience

The Next New Thing in Retail: The In-Store Experience

by Kevin Kearns on 4-22-14 in Industry Trends

With exciting innovative technologies constantly evolving, it’s easy for retailers to get caught up in the next new thing and overlook the one thing that actually matters: the in-store experience.

Although online sales are growing exponentially, brick-and-mortar sales still remain retail’s largest profit opportunity. However, retailers cannot afford to view the in-store relationship with customers as purely transactional. As Bill Martin, founder of ShopperTrak, advises, For retailers, it’s not just about getting the customers to the stores – it’s about recognizing the value of each shopper who chooses to enter their store. Brick-and-mortar retailers must provide their customers a quality shopping experience that creates incentive to purchase immediately.”

Seamless in-store operations are a fundamental part of bringing in customers, keeping them there, encouraging conversions, and bringing them back. It doesn’t matter how much money and time is spent on marketing and promotions if it’s not daily supported within the store. These activities will be wasteful and ineffectual if actual store operations cannot keep up with what is promised. That’s why it’s imperative that what is happening inside of the store is congruent with what’s happening outside of it. Effective store layouts, fully trained and attentive employees, and even interactive, in-store technologies are all parts of the equation to make the retail experience a compelling one.

Retailers must push to provide a seamless in-store experience that not only satisfies the needs of its customers, but helps differentiate the retailer from its competitors. ShopperTrak can help with this experience by allowing retailers to seamlessly integrate our in-store analytics with their existing systems. By providing real-time feedback, our ShopperTrak Insightsmakes it easy and effective to view reports and take immediate action to improve profitability, anywhere in the world.

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Kevin Kearns is the Chief Revenue Officer at ShopperTrak, where he oversees the professional services and marketing department, as well as the global sales and sales operations teams. He previously served as the Chief Sales Officer, where he was responsible for leading global sales and customer service operating in over 90 countries.

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