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4 Key Tips for Holiday Retail Hiring


The Holiday Season is just around the corner and retailers need to start thinking about hiring their holiday help. Retailers should be actively thinking about maintaining the right volume of holiday staff, as this is a crucial component in a retail store’s performance during the holiday season. Every retailer has their key staff, but they also need an energetic and ready-to-learn holiday workforce that will compliment an existing team. Hiring the right holiday help is not always an easy task, but building effective staffing practices will be beneficial in the long-run. Below are some helpful tips from our clients on how to go about hiring holiday help this coming season:

1. Hire early and start your seasonal employees sooner rather than later

As you may have read in our holiday forecast, people are shopping earlier and earlier, and you need to have staff on hand to provide the customer service they expect. Solicit resumes and recommendations early, so you can snag the experienced sales associates before your competitors. Great holiday help understands retail and the crazy holiday sales environment. Starting your temporary staff early gives them time to learn your merchandise and how your store operates, giving them to get comfortable before the holiday rush.

2. Recruit former employees

Past employees can be the key players in your quest for the best holiday help staff.  If they left on a good note, reach out to them. The training for former employees is minimal and they will already know what the expectations are.  It also saves valuable time not having to go through a tedious hiring and training process.

3. Reward your staff for recruiting seasonal help

Who knows better what it takes to succeed in the field than your associates? Ask your trusted employees for assistance in finding holiday help. Your staff may have some talented people in mind who would be the perfect fit for the position. Up the ante by incenting your employees for recruiting temporary staff with bonuses, gift cards, or product.

4. Hire employees with the right traits
  • Flexible: Due to the nature of the holiday season, it is essential that employees have flexible schedule. Seasonal employees need to know that it may be necessary for them to help during the early morning or late shifts on weekends.
  • High energy and enthusiastic: The holiday season is draining and shifts can be long. Make sure your employee knows that being energetic and enthusiastic is crucial during this hectic time of the year. There is no room on your team or sales floor for low-energy employees.
  • Fast learning:You need to make sure that your seasonal employees are fast learners. This is an essential part of being a great asset to your sales team. Merchandise will be changing quickly and shoppers will expect the best service from your employees.

ShopperTrak wishes the best of luck to all retailers during the holiday season – may it be your best yet!

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