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A View from the Retail Summit, One Retailer’s Reflections

by Kevin Kearns on 4-21-16 in Industry Trends

Never been to a ShopperTrak customer conference? It’s not too late to change that by attending this year’s Retail Summit, which is just around the corner on May 11th in Chicago.

To provide personalized insight into what it’s truly like to attend Retail Summit, we spoke to a retailer who attended the 2015 event for the first time. Our interview below with Monica Gomez of IT’SUGAR reveals her opinions on the conference, advice for first-time attendees, and how attending the conference changed her work when she got back.


      An Interview with Monica Gomez, Communications Manager for IT’SUGAR

      ShopperTrak: What is your overall impression of the event?

      Gomez: Overall, I had a fantastic time. The event had a wonderful energy, and I left knowing that I’d learned a ton – more than I’d expected. The speakers were excellent, and I came away with new ideas about utilizing traffic data and leveraging various reports at different levels within my organization.

      More generally, I loved that it was in Chicago and so close to ShopperTrak’s headquarters. Plus, the nighttime activities were very nice and quite fun.
      ShopperTrak: How did attending the conference change the way you use traffic data?
      Gomez: Before I attended, traffic data wasn’t harnessed across my organization. Every now and then, we’d review certain reports, but the data wasn’t a part of the company culture. Now, I reference ShopperTrak every day in my cross-functional communications.

      Attending the conference helped me understand not only the value of ShopperTrak’s data, but how to recognize the insights and convey the data’s value to others. When I got back to work, we rolled out customized push reports to relevant parties at multiple levels of the company. The push reports make it simple for anyone – whether they’re in corporate offices or the individual stores – to monitor KPIs and work to toward targeted goals.
      ShopperTrak: What session or event stuck out the most from the conference?
      Gomez: The session that immediately comes to mind is the one that my ShopperTrak Engagement Manager recommended. It was called “Traffic for Beginners,” and it’s being offered again this year.

      I loved that the information was relevant for someone who was new to understanding and using traffic data. There were many people with varying levels of experience, and this workshop gave me exactly what I was looking for: a crash course in traffic data, KPIs, the ShopperTrak interface, and a very clear explanation of the metrics. I took everything that I learned in that session about navigating the interface and understanding the data back to IT’SUGAR.
      ShopperTrak: What tips would you offer to someone who is attending this year’s conference for the first time?
      Gomez: Take a lot of notes! I referenced my notes for weeks after the conference. And, I can’t stress it enough, be sure to network. Talk to other ShopperTrak users and learn from their examples – it’s a great opportunity to talk to anyone who’s a “step ahead” of you in leveraging retail analytics.

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