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Customer Satisfaction yields Wins, RIS Software LeaderBoard Results

by Bill McCarthy on 12-21-17 in Industry Trends

Customer satisfaction motivates everything we do, here at ShopperTrak, which is why we strive to maintain a long-standing tradition of creating meaningful working relationships with our clients.

We enjoy working hand-in-hand with the world’s leading retailers — whether this involves demonstrating how to better leverage ShopperTrak insights or customizing a solution to meet unique client needs.

RIS Software LeaderBoard

Ultimately, at the heart of all of ShopperTrak’s  customer relationships lies our professional services team, which consists largely of engagement  managers who possess extensive retail experience and work directly with customers every day to ensure that traffic data is leveraged in ways that lead to substantial ROI.

This is why ShopperTrak is honored to have received commendable rankings, across multiple categories, in the 2017 RIS Software LeaderBoard report.

The RIS Software LeaderBoard report is an annual measure of how “retail software vendors stack up in head-to-head rankings.” The bulk of the 2017 report consists of 50 customer-focused top-10 lists that rank retail software providers, based on 629 evaluations that are submitted by 327 retailers.

Notably, ShopperTrak ranked 6th in the category of “Top Large Vendors in Customer Satisfaction,” surpassing the likes of Zebra, Microsoft, and IBM — all of which also made the list.

RIS Software LeaderBoard

Other ShopperTrak wins for the RIS Software LeaderBoard 2017 are, as follows:

  • 9th place: Top Targeted Solution Vendors in Customer Satisfaction
  • 7th place: Top Vendors in Return on Investment for Mid-Size Retailers
  • 6th place: Top Vendors in Total Cost of Operations for Mid-Size Retailers

A recent example of ShopperTrak’s ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction is the release of a translated Global ShopperTrak Academy library of on-demand online training sessions that allows employees across a retail organization to gain a solid understanding of traffic data and how to leverage it to drive sales and conversion — click here to learn more about ShopperTrak Academy. 

For more information about the RIS Software Leaderboard, and to download the full report, check out the results at risnew.com.


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