Improving Retail Store Performance with ShopperTrak Academy

How Lucky Brand Leveraged ShopperTrak Academy to Improve Store Performance


Many retailers who leverage traffic data face the challenge of training their field team on how to use and apply the data in their stores. Traffic data is a critical part of understanding how well a store is performing, and gives retailers actionable insight into where they can make improvements to enhance the overall customer experience.

We spoke with David Blough, Project Manager, Operations for Lucky Brand, about the process he uses to train his field team on how to leverage traffic data. Last May, David and his team executed a full rollout of ShopperTrak’s training portal, ShopperTrak Academy, to their field team. They are currently working to add course completion as a required part of new hire training and onboarding. Our interview below with Blough touches on the benefits of ShopperTrak Academy, the positive impact the training portal has on his company, and why he would recommend it to other retailers.

ShopperTrak: Why was the decision made to implement and roll out ShopperTrak Academy?

Blough: We needed a solution that would teach our field team how to navigate the reporting platform and understand the fundamentals of traffic data and application without relying on our District Managers to train each individual store. ShopperTrak Academy was the perfect solution to help us achieve this goal.

ShopperTrak: When you were first introduced to the training portal, what was an immediate benefit you saw?

Blough: An immediate benefit I saw was that the training courses are user-friendly and ideal for retailers who are looking to seamlessly introduce a new traffic reporting platform to their field teams. The courses teach users how to understand traffic data and insights so they can then use the data to schedule labor and make educated improvements to their stores.

ShopperTrak: Your District Managers are usually the team members responsible for training your field team on how to leverage traffic data. What is their overall feedback on the training portal?

Blough: District Managers have found that the training portal helps them gain valuable time back. The platform allows them to track how well their teams are doing, which allows them to quickly recognize which stores need more guidance. This is easily one of the most beneficial features for administrators.

ShopperTrak: Since using the training portal, have you seen an increase in the usage of traffic data?

Blough: Yes. When we first introduced traffic data to our field team, the staff had varying amounts of experience leveraging traffic data. For those employees who were new to the idea of using traffic data, the training helped them learn how to understand the data. Our field team is now a lot more comfortable with logging in and utilizing the data to make decisions.

ShopperTrak: What changes have been made to the way your company views traffic data?

Blough: An important change that we made to the way we view traffic data is the usage of power hours. Once we gained a better understanding of our stores’ key traffic periods, we were able to make better informed decisions in regard to labor optimization. Power hours are now a key part of the way we view and talk about traffic data and trends within our company.

ShopperTrak: Why would you recommend ShopperTrak Academy?

Blough: I would recommend ShopperTrak Academy because the training courses offer retailers a solution to learn how to navigate the reporting platform and train all levels of their company on how to leverage traffic data and reporting. The training portal is a great example of how teams want to learn in this day and age. The courses can be taken at a user’s own pace. ShopperTrak Academy has been a huge time saver and has allowed our company to get our team up and running very quickly.

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As you can see, training your field team on how to leverage traffic data and insights does not have to be a task you conquer alone. To discover more key benefits that ShopperTrak Academy has to offer, contact us today to learn more.

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