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Storm Juno Impacts Retail

by Bill McCarthy on 1-30-15 in Industry Trends

Winter Storm Juno Hits Northeast – Shoppers Stay Home

Winter storm Juno brought winds above 70 miles an hour, caused seawalls to crumble and dumped up to 36 inches of snow along the U.S northeast coast.  With end of season sales and unseasonably mild weather leading up to the storm, retailers had reason to hope for increased shopper visits before this weekend’s Super Bowl. But the day before and the day of the storm left retailers with the formidable task of recovering from losses that topped what could normally be expected.

As shoppers readied for the storm, visits the day before showed a dramatic decrease. On the day Juno struck there was a virtual shutdown of retail in Boston. Other major cities showed decreases as well.

ShopperTrak analysts built this data set by pulling retail shopping visits from Tuesday (1/26/15) and Wednesday (1/27/15) in four northeastern cities and compared them with their equivalent days last year.

Compared to last year, Boston and New York saw the most significant decreases during the two day period.   The day before Boston saw a 21 percent decrease and New York a 42 percent decrease.  On the day of the storm Boston saw a 99 percent decrease and New York a 65 percent decrease.

A winter weather advisory for the region has been issued for the weekend of January 30, 2015. According to the National Weather Service more snow and high winds along the east coast are expected, especially across Eastern Massachusetts

By utilizing ShopperTrak’s location-based analytics, retailers in Boston and New York can recognize the implications sooner and rebound quicker.  ShopperTrak’s solutions help retailers generate in-depth insights into their store’s data to help them create a strategy while preparing for, or recovering from a storm.   Insights garnered from the data will enable them to make informed decisions on marketing, staffing and operations in the future.

We hope for nothing but the best for residents of the northeast and retailers mending from the storm. ShopperTrak will continue to monitor the impact of future storms on shopper visits in the region.  We fully expect retailers to recover and produce strong numbers as the winter season comes to an end.

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