Striking a Balance Between Brick-and-Mortar & Online

Striking a Balance Between Brick-and-Mortar & Online

by Dana O'Neill on 12-30-15 in Industry Trends

NPR’s Dec. 27th  article and podcast, “Brick-and-Mortar Stores go Further to Get You in the Door,” gets to the heart of an increasingly-relevant challenge that many retailers confronted this holiday season: how to align online and brick-and-mortar businesses, given changing consumer preferences and shopping behaviors.

NPR spoke to Suzanne Kapner, who covers retail for the Wall Street Journal, and Warren Brown, a Food Network-backed celebrity baker who is taking his small business online. Each interviewee offers perspective on challenges that retailers face today, and tactics that get people in the door — as well as, reimagining the shopping experience.

Check out the article and podcast in NPR’s economy section today.

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