The Future of Mobile Payments: Are They Here to Stay?

The Future of Mobile Payments: Are They Here to Stay?

by Kevin Kearns on 5-25-16 in Technology

Will credit cards soon meet the fate of the personal check, becoming a thing of the past?

Though mobile payments (m-payments) have undeniable consumer appeal and their predominance seems inevitable in this era of rapid technological advancement, retailers have been slow to adopt the necessary platforms that support m-payments.

thumbnail_-mobile payments for ShopperTrak 2016In fact, according to Planet Retail, mobile spend currently accounts for only 3% of total retail sales. In the recent 2016 Mobility Special Report, which is published by Innovative Retail Technologies, Miya Knights examines the current landscape of mobile payment adoption by retailers and consumers alike.

To learn more about the types of retailers who have found success using m-payments and how widespread adoption of the appropriate platforms could change the in-store experience, check out Knights’ article, “Paving the Way for The Digitally Enabled Shopping Journey,” below.

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