Top 10 of 2015: Our Favorite Articles on Tech & Data in Retail

Top 10 of 2015: Our Favorite Articles on Tech & Data in Retail

by Kevin Kearns on 1-29-16 in Popular Posts

As January comes to a close and we put NRF’s BIG Show behind us, it has never been more clear that 2016 is in full swing. But let’s not forget everything that we’ve learned over the past year. 2015 was a big year for retail, which is why the team, here at ShopperTrak, rounded up this collection of our favorite industry pieces from 2015.

In random order, our top picks include:

1.)        Navigating the New Digital Divide

1- Navigating the New Digital Divide

Kasey Lobaugh, Jeff Simpson and, Lokesh Ohri, Deloitte

This third installment of Deloitte Digital’s annual effort monitors evolving retail and consumer shopping trends, and takes the guesswork out of understanding how digital influences consumers’ paths-to-purchase. The study showcases valuable year-over-year trends on consumers’ shifting preferences on digital engagement.

2.)        What Every Manager Should Know about Machine Learning

Mike Yeomans, Harvard Business Review

Big data means big decisions. That said, it’s critical that data-backed decisions are well-informed. Mike Yeoman’s handy guide lays out what big data can do for companies, and what to watch out for when you use it. This piece serves as a great refresher (or introduction!) to making smart data-backed decisions.

3.)        What is BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)?

What is BLE?

Scott Roberts, ShopperTrak

Many believe that BLE beacons are key to technological transformation in the retail industry, but do you really understand how they work? This article breaks down precisely how this game-changing technology operates to benefit retailers.

4.)        Apple’s Failed Retail Revolution: Beacons Still Won’t Be Big on Black Friday

Apple Retail Revolution

Joshua Brustein, Bloomberg Business

After you’ve read the article above, check out this Bloomberg article and video, which offers a thorough take on the current state of beacon adoption by retailers. Why is mainstream adoption of a technology that countless experts say will ‘revolutionize retail’ taking such a long time to catch on? Technology and business reporter, Joshua Brustein, investigates.

5.)        Are You Data Driven? Take a Hard Look in the Mirror.

Are You Data Driven?

Thomas C. Redman, Harvard Business Review

Redman identifies “12 traits of the data-driven,” yet admits that few companies possess more than seven of them. This post takes an in-depth look at three traits that all data-driven companies must strive toward.

6.)        Mobile Path to Purchase

6- Mobile Path to Purchase

Nielsen for xAd

Pay close attention to the findings from this fourth annual study on the mobile path-to-purchase. xAd identifies three significant ways in which mobile is fundamentally changing consumer behavior: mobile dependence, immediacy, and impulse. Read the full study for facts and stats on how consumers’ changing mobile behaviors are affecting retail strategy.

7.)        The Connected Consumer

7- The Connected Consumer

Conlumino for Webloyalty

If your brand is concerned with omnichannel engagement, review this study from the UK-based marketing company Webloyalty. “The Connected Consumer” dives into how shopping across multiple channels is affecting both consumers and retailers.

8.)        This Business of IoT: What you Need to Know

Business of IoT

Adan Pope, ShopperTrak

Heard the phrase “Internet of Things,” but not quite sure what it means? This informative interview with ShopperTrak’s Chief Technology Officer, Adan Pope, serves as a quick guide to IoT and how it applies to retailers.

9.)        Path-to-Purchase Roundup

Path-to-Purchase Roundup


Gaining a complete picture of a shopper’s path-to-purchase has never been more difficult, or more possible. This eMarketer Roundup combines their latest coverage on the subject – including statistics, insights, interviews, and more.

10.)      NRF 2016: Why brick-and-mortar retail faces a shakeout

NRF 2016- Why brick-and-mortar retail faces a shakeout

Davide Savenije, Retail Dive

Technically, this final piece is from 2016, but it’s so important that we’ve opted to include it on this list. This article exists to make a point: brick-and-mortar retailers need to adapt, if they want to survive. Executives from several top brands contributed to this well-informed piece, which calls for a necessary era of transformation for traditional retailers.

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