Vivid Sydney – Year-on-Year Influence on Retail FootFall Sydney

by ShopperTrak on 06-24-15

Celebrations such as Vivid Sydney, the city’s annual Festival of Light, Music and Ideas, often have a positive effect on the retail market in the area. Vivid Sydney caused a +13% increase in footfall on the first Saturday alone.

NSW Minister for Trade, Tourism and Major Events Stuart Ayres announced “Vivid Sydney promised to shine brighter than ever before and it certainly achieved that, breaking the festival’s attendance record receiving more than 1.7 million visitors, an increase of 19 per cent on the record 1.43 million who attended last year”

The festival had greatest effect on shopper numbers at the start of the period. The first weekend of the light festival saw FootFall for the Sydney area dramatically increase; however year-on-year increases were felt throughout the event until the final weekend where they slipped into negative growth.

The busiest day was Tuesday the 2nd of June which saw FootFall increase +16% on the year.

Vivid Light Festival


  • Saturday 23rd May – FootFall increased +13% Year-on-Year and the Sunday 24th May FootFall increased +10% Year-on-Year
  • Saturday 30th May – FootFall increased +3% Year-on-Year and Sunday 31st May FootFall increased +3% Year-on-Year
  • Saturday 6th June – FootFall decreased -1% Year-on-Year and Sunday 7th June FootFall decrease -5% Year-on-Year
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