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The Shopping Force: Spotlight on Millennial Shopping Habits

As the retail landscape continuously evolves, demand for individual products can be extremely volatile – with trends and styles fading in and out rapidly. At the same time, major shifts such as demographic and large-scale market fluctuation occur rarely and at a slower pace, while being highly significant. One such major change currently impacting retailers...

by Dana O'Neill on 3-5-15 in Industry Trends

ShopperTrak Launches the Lab

Last night, the ShopperTrak team celebrated the official launch of the new Innovation Lab in San Francisco, CA. Surrounded by groundbreaking start-ups and industry leaders in the tech world, ShopperTrak marked its arrival in the epicenter of U.S. tech and innovation with hors d’oeuvres and insightful conversation. Managed by Gavin Weigh, the lab, located in...

by Chetan Ghai on 2-27-15 in Industry Trends

What is BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)?

There has been a lot of hype around Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE, aka Bluetooth Smart), in retail – especially throughout the past year and a half. However, many people are still in the dark about the emerging technology and find themselves asking the question: what is Bluetooth Low Energy? According to Business Insider, there will...

by Scott Roberts on 2-16-15 in Technology

Storm Juno Impacts Retail

Winter Storm Juno Hits Northeast – Shoppers Stay Home Winter storm Juno brought winds above 70 miles an hour, caused seawalls to crumble and dumped up to 36 inches of snow along the U.S northeast coast.  With end of season sales and unseasonably mild weather leading up to the storm, retailers had reason to hope...

by Bill McCarthy on 1-30-15 in Industry Trends

Top 5 Retail Trends of the Future

The store of the [very near] future, as inspired by NRF’s 2015 Big Show  The National Retail Federation’s 104th annual conference, Retail’s Big Show 2015, took place on Jan. 11-14 in New York City. The more than 570 exhibitors and 30,000 attendees got us thinking about the future of retail. Here are a few items...

by Dana O'Neill on 1-15-15 in Industry Trends

We’ll See You There: NRF’s Big Show 2015

It’s that time of the year again: time for “Retail’s Big Show,” which is hosted annually by the National Retail Federation (NRF) in New York City. ShopperTrak will be showcasing our new products and offerings at booth # 3103, so be sure to stop by and see what we’ve been working on in the new ShopperTrak...

by Dana O'Neill on 1-6-15 in Industry Trends

Midseason Holiday Shopping Report

Download ShopperTrak’s Midseason Holiday Shopping Report, which offers insights into the season’s trends and performance. Though the Thanksgiving weekend saw a slight decline, November sales are encouraging and ShopperTrak forecasts a 3.8% increase in sales for the season. While heavy promotions provided an early boost, there is still a lot of energy in the consumer as...

by Kevin Kearns on 12-17-14 in Holidays

‘Pineapple Express’ Wreaks Havoc on Holiday Shopping

The powerful storm dubbed “Pineapple Express” exploded on the west coast last week, causing millions of dollars in property damage, flight delays, and power outages. With Christmas fewer than ten days away, retailers were hit particularly hard because the storm occurred during the busiest shopping time of the year. Retailers in San Francisco and Sacramento...

by Bill McCarthy on 12-15-14 in Holidays

How to Keep Customers in Your Store

Now, more than ever, customers have information available before and during trips to retail stores. Shoppers want to be the top priority when they walk into a store and often, if they don’t get attention right away, they are willing to go to another store quickly. Retailers need to have a plan in place, not...

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