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Interior Location Analytics Webinar

Recently acquired RapidBlue Solutions, a mobile technology company, enables performance measurement beyond the doorway and into the aisles and end-caps. Join RapidBlue Founder and now Director of Location Analytics, Sampo Parkkinen, to learn what to expect when deploying the now-available solution.


3 Key Messages about Retail Innovation

Listen as our Chief Product Officer, Chetan Ghai, talks to ISR’s Executive Editor, Erin Harris, and offers three key takeaways regarding retail innovation. Ghai also discusses our new San Francisco-based Innovation Center, which fosters cutting-edge technologies and the emerging ideas coming out of Silicon Valley, in order to help retailers enhance their business and better...

by Chetan Ghai on 4-23-15 in Industry Trends

What Amazon Dash and Drones Mean for Retailers

On April Fool’s Day, Amazon launched the Amazon Dash Button—and it was no joke. Amazon has partnered with 18 CPG brands to quickly deliver household favorites with the press of a button. Because Amazon Prime customers have personalized accounts, the product simply arrives, like magic, on their doorstep within two days—eliminating the need to run...

by Kevin Kearns on 4-20-15 in Industry Trends

2015 Easter Holiday Promotions Analysis

Now that the holiday weekend has come to a close, it’s time to examine some of the promotions that retailers ran during and before the Easter holiday. As noted in the previous blog post, Easter weekend shifted up this year by two weeks on NRF’s retail calendar—from week 12 to week 10. Did this affect retailers’...

by Kevin Kearns on 4-9-15 in Holidays

The Retail Calendar and the Implications of Shifting on Retail Sales

While most rely on a 12 month calendar, the retail industry follows the 4-5-4 Calendar. The 4-5-4 Calendar was developed in the 1940s after Saturdays and Sundays emerged as a large percentage of  retail sales. The straight calendar that was being used to report monthly sales had a varying number of weekends per month year-to-year,...

by Kevin Kearns on 3-30-15 in Industry Trends

The Shopping Force: Spotlight on Millennial Shopping Habits

As the retail landscape continuously evolves, demand for individual products can be extremely volatile – with trends and styles fading in and out rapidly. At the same time, major shifts such as demographic and large-scale market fluctuation occur rarely and at a slower pace, while being highly significant. One such major change currently impacting retailers...

by Dana O'Neill on 3-5-15 in Industry Trends

ShopperTrak Launches the Lab

Last night, the ShopperTrak team celebrated the official launch of the new Innovation Lab in San Francisco, CA. Surrounded by groundbreaking start-ups and industry leaders in the tech world, ShopperTrak marked its arrival in the epicenter of U.S. tech and innovation with hors d’oeuvres and insightful conversation. Managed by Gavin Weigh, the lab, located in...

by Chetan Ghai on 2-27-15 in Industry Trends

What is BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)?

There has been a lot of hype around Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE, aka Bluetooth Smart), in retail – especially throughout the past year and a half. However, many people are still in the dark about the emerging technology and find themselves asking the question: what is Bluetooth Low Energy? According to Business Insider, there will...

by Scott Roberts on 2-16-15 in Technology

Storm Juno Impacts Retail

Winter Storm Juno Hits Northeast – Shoppers Stay Home Winter storm Juno brought winds above 70 miles an hour, caused seawalls to crumble and dumped up to 36 inches of snow along the U.S northeast coast.  With end of season sales and unseasonably mild weather leading up to the storm, retailers had reason to hope...

by Bill McCarthy on 1-30-15 in Industry Trends

Top 5 Retail Trends of the Future

The store of the [very near] future, as inspired by NRF’s 2015 Big Show  The National Retail Federation’s 104th annual conference, Retail’s Big Show 2015, took place on Jan. 11-14 in New York City. The more than 570 exhibitors and 30,000 attendees got us thinking about the future of retail. Here are a few items...

by Dana O'Neill on 1-15-15 in Industry Trends
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