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2014 ShopperTrak Holiday Shopping Trends

The 2014 holiday shopping season is just around the corner and the analysts at ShopperTrak have been busy identifying interesting data points and insights to help prepare retailers for their busiest time of the year. We’ve discovered a few actionable trends, highlighted below, for retailers looking to optimize their planning for the holidays. Shoppers Starting Earlier in the Season...

by Kevin Kearns on 10-20-14 in Holidays

Three Methods for Applying Interior Analytics to Marketing and Merchandising Strategies

The modern e-commerce boom has forever changed the way consumers worldwide conduct business. As the number of shoppers making purchases through online markets increases, brick-and-mortar retailers have felt growing pressure to draw more shoppers to their physical My teeth have for for use realistically skin to buy zovirax tablets any thought future nails...

by Kevin Kearns on 10-3-14 in Industry Trends

3 Tips to Improve In-Store Conversion

In our recent post Back to School Traffic Patterns Vary by Region, we pointed out that week-to-week traffic fluctuations in August were tied to school start dates, with traffic peaking the week before the school started. We also observed another common phenomenon: when traffic increased, conversion and average transaction size took a tumble. The first...

by Kevin Kearns on 9-30-14 in Industry Trends

Back to School 2014: 3 Major Retail Trends

Now that school is back in session and “Back to School” promotions have ended, Shoppertrak has analyzed seasonal trends and developed insights to help retailers interpret and leverage their data to drive results. Here are 3 major retail trends we followed this year: Back to School Shoppers are Starting Earlier The Trend According to data...

by Kevin Kearns on 9-26-14 in Industry Trends

Regional Shopping Trends During “Back to School” Season

This Back-to-School season, U.S. shoppers hit the stores early, with 51.8% of shopper visits occurring during the first two weeks of August, according to ShopperTrak’s Market Intelligence benchmarking product. Shopping Trends by Season The “early” trend was mostly ubiquitous, but several stark regional trends occurred, as well. In the South and West regions, shopper visits...

by Kevin Kearns on 9-19-14 in Industry Trends

iPhone 6 Release May Cause Big Spikes in Electronics Retail Store Visits

On Tuesday, Apple announced the release of the iPhone 6, generating excitement in the tech world. Electronics retailers are expected to experience heavy store traffic in the weeks following the release, due to early demand for the new product. Statisticians here at ShopperTrak studied shopper visit data in the wireless and electronics industry, focusing on...

by Kevin Kearns on 9-17-14 in Industry Trends

2013 Holiday Wrap: Rise of Thanksgiving

The 2013 Holiday Shopping Season is the first time Thanksgiving Day accounted for a significant amount of traffic, 1% of the season’s total. To view the full statistics of holiday shopping please download the 2013 Holiday Wrap.

by Dana O'Neill on 8-27-14 in Holidays

2013 Back to School : Retail Sales Estimate Growth

ShopperTrak’s preliminary estimates for the 2013 back-to-school season indicate shopper traffic will increase overall.

by Dana O'Neill on 8-27-14 in Holidays

Top 3 Ways Retailers Use Market Data

Without knowing the context surrounding consumer behavior at the macro-level, it can be a challenge to realize what actions will drive more shoppers to your stores. “Knowing” means having the right data and applying it in the right ways to produce insights. Insights lead to action that improves business performance and outcomes. Market data is...

by Dana O'Neill on 8-27-14 in Industry Trends

5 Ways to Enhance the Shopping Experience Using Location-Based Analytics

To get shoppers to buy, retailers need to understand their consumers and create a unique and compelling shopping experience. With location-based analytics, retailers have full visibility into where their customers go, how long they stay, and whether or not they come back. This consumer insight gives retailers the opportunity to better understand their consumers and...

by Dana O'Neill on 8-27-14 in Industry Trends
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