A global
lead referral program

Take the following steps to fully engage in the referral program.

  1. Talk about our entire product offering (Sensormatic, ShopperTrak, and TrueVUE) to the referral at every opportunity.
  2. If the referral shows interest, enter them as a lead on the form below.
  3. Further, assess the lead's interest by setting up a call or meeting.
  4. If the lead expresses true interest than the referrer will collect an initial incentive payment.
  5. The referrer will be updated regularly on the status of pilots and rollouts.
  6. If the customer participates in a paid pilot there will be another referrer incentive payment.
  7. If there is a rollout, another referrer incentive payment will be paid according to the number of stores in the rollout.

Boost 2.0 is a program designed to increase revenue and our share of the market with our customers by using existing relationships and sharing leads.



Working together as ONE TEAM is more important than ever. Making sure that our customers are informed about our total product offering minimizes the chance of our competitors to get into our accounts.

Working together as specialists in different areas increases our credibility and helps our customers to get the most out of our solutions, which will drive our customers’ revenue and lowers their cost.


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Boost FAQs: New Commercial Model for Traffic Insights Business

Global Traffic Insights Commercial Model and Boost Lead Referral Program

EAS and Inventory Intelligence Leads from Global Traffic Sales Team to IS&S/TRS

Traffic Analytics Leads from IS&S/TRS to Global Traffic Sales Team

2018 Global Retail Kickoff Sales Handout


The program has been designed to:

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A global lead referral program

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