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Amazon Prime Day Has Zero Impact on Store Traffic

As Amazon Prime Day approaches, we’ve explored what this now well-established retail event means for the wider retail community. Our conclusion is that, currently, store traffic is not affected at all by the web giant’s annual one-day flash sale. Amazon launched this mid-year promotion back in July 2015, reportedly the anniversary of the founding of...


Shopping mall tenants see turnover boost by advanced people counting tech

Today, retailers in well-managed malls have an exciting new opportunity. Thanks to property owners investing in traffic counting and data analytics solutions to power improvements to their properties, retailers are enjoying the knock-on benefit of rich insights that could help them boost conversions and turnover. ShopperTrak’s latest market report, Mall traffic data grows mall success...

by Bill McCarthy on 5-23-18 in Industry Trends

Shopping malls still win using retail traffic data

Nordstrom’s new ‘Men’s Store’ in New York just opened its doors (12.04.18), offering massages, shaves, and classic cocktails in the Clubhouse Bar. And staying true to its omnichannel obligations, there’s even 24/7 click and collect. Nordstrom is fully embracing the ‘retailtainment’ and experiential nature of new retail, making sure there’s a wow factor, and that...

by Bill McCarthy on 5-15-18 in Industry Trends

Customer Service Excellence Using Traffic Data

Analysts are correct to reject the alarmist headlines about the death of physical retail, but they are also right to emphasize it should be the end for boring, unexciting retailing experiences. As the industry navigates its way through a new era of consumer behavior that entails shopping journeys across multiple channels, the store becomes the...

Brian Field
by Brian Field on 4-30-18 in Industry Trends

Retail Analytics Benefits: 5 Retail Pros who need Traffic Data

Understanding how to use retail data is key to success in today’s accelerated retail landscape. It should come as no surprise that retail analytics continues to play an ever-increasing role in how the industry competes, affecting which businesses enjoy significant growth and which suffer losses. Data-driven decision-making presents retailers with new opportunities to determine what...


Blending Data Sets Takes Traffic Insight to a New Level

As the retail landscape adapts to ever-changing consumer behavior, it’s no surprise that shopper traffic has become a crucial point of reference, one that retailers really can’t afford to miss, as the importance of blending data sets is on the rise. In an exclusive article for Retail Bulletin’s ‘Future of Retail’ report, Amit Patil, Global...


Re-Thinking Location in Retail, a Key to Profitability

These days, the modern consumer demands more of retailers than she ever has before. Not only do shoppers want convenience and availability, but they also expect that their online experience will integrate with their in-store shopping experience. This change in the way that consumers browse and buy is one of many modern consumer trends that...


How to Better Understand the In-store Customer Journey

Gut instinct about what your shopper really wants during her in-store customer journey should no longer be driving your business decisions – instead, data science should be the key driver of retail success in the coming decades. Yes, all the technology is here, and based on the deep-level accuracy that retail intelligence tools can provide, retailers are on...


Big Lots Successfully Integrates Multiple Data Sets

Successful data stream integration yields win for Big Lots in Retail TouchPoints Store Operations Superstar Award In today’s world, retail operations departments are more expansive and all-encompassing than ever before. As retail operations departments evolve, employees are, year after year, faced with new-found challenges, ranging from: implementing new technological solutions that long-standing issues, managing matters pertaining to scale, and leveraging data to...


Capturing Shoppers’ Hearts: Valentine’s Day Spending & Traffic

This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Wednesday, which means that this weekend (Sat., 2/10 & Sun., 2/11) will likely see an increase in Valentine’s Day spending and traffic, compared to weekend averages for the year. Our analysts predict that retailers will benefit on the day before and the day of Valentine’s Day, as love-struck...

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