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3 Ways to Turn Customers into Brand Advocates

Despite the social media backlash and some discounted items that failed to impress, Amazon Prime Day numbers are in and all signs point to the day becoming an annual event. Global order growth was up 266% from a year ago and Amazon moved more units – 34.4 million items – on Prime Day than Black...

by Dana O'Neill on 7-22-15 in Industry Trends

11th Annual ShopperTrak Users Group Conference Delivers Insights to Transform Data into Action

Last week, we held our 11th annual Users Group Conference in Chicago and welcomed nearly 150 retailers, executives, financial, and industry analysts to explore the topic of “Transforming Data into Action.” Representing more than 32 states and three continents, attendees had the opportunity to hear from industry leaders and learn how to enhance the shopping...

by Kevin Kearns on 6-24-15 in Industry Trends

Why Retailers Should Care About the Internet of Things

Adan Pope, ShopperTrak’s Chief Technology Officer joins Erin Harris, Executive Editor of Integrated Solutions For Retailers to talk about the Internet of Things’ (IoT) impact on retail. During the podcast, you’ll learn the true definition of IoT and why it matters to retailers of every size. Adan also discusses examples of IoT done right in today’s evolved retail landscape....

by Adan Pope on 6-15-15 in Industry Trends

Spotlighting Deloitte Digital’s ‘Navigating the New Digital Divide’

While retail conversations tend to emphasize the growing role of online, it’s easy to forget that most activity still takes place in traditional brick-and-mortar locations. According to a new report from Deloitte, more than $4 trillion of total retail sales (or 93.5 percent) happen inside a store, and not online. The report, Navigating the New...

by Kevin Kearns on 5-19-15 in Industry Trends

Leveraging Mobile to Drive Omni-Channel Retailing

There’s no denying that mobile technology has a significant impact on the omni-channel retailing and shopping experience. Purchasing a product with a personal device is fast and convenient – two key factors that motivate today’s shopper. Illustrating the growing role of online retail, total e-commerce sales for 2014 outpaced the prior year, showing an increase...

by Dana O'Neill on 5-14-15 in Industry Trends

2015 NFL Draft Impacts Chicago Retail

Chicago’s Grant Park morphed into Draft Town, in celebration of the 2015 NFL Draft, which ran from Thursday, April 30 through Saturday, May 2. It was a historic occurrence, as this was the draft’s first time outside of New York City in 50 years. The celebration spanned over 900,000 square feet and saw over 100,000...

by Kevin Kearns on 5-5-15 in Industry Trends

Shopper Loyalty Programs Done Right

Not all loyalty programs are made equally. The days of simply presenting a generic plastic card at the point of sale are gone.  Today’s consumers desire a personalized, integrated connection while shopping, whether in a brick-and-mortar location, or at home.   In order to understand this shift, it’s important to first acknowledge the following trends...

by Kevin Kearns on 4-29-15 in Industry Trends

Interior Location Analytics Webinar

Recently acquired RapidBlue Solutions, a mobile technology company, enables performance measurement beyond the doorway and into the aisles and end-caps. Join RapidBlue Founder and now Director of Location Analytics, Sampo Parkkinen, to learn what to expect when deploying the now-available solution.


3 Key Messages about Retail Innovation

Listen as our Chief Product Officer, Chetan Ghai, talks to ISR’s Executive Editor, Erin Harris, and offers three key takeaways regarding retail innovation. Ghai also discusses our new San Francisco-based Innovation Center, which fosters cutting-edge technologies and the emerging ideas coming out of Silicon Valley, in order to help retailers enhance their business and better...

by Chetan Ghai on 4-23-15 in Industry Trends

What Amazon Dash and Drones Mean for Retailers

On April Fool’s Day, Amazon launched the Amazon Dash Button—and it was no joke. Amazon has partnered with 18 CPG brands to quickly deliver household favorites with the press of a button. Because Amazon Prime customers have personalized accounts, the product simply arrives, like magic, on their doorstep within two days—eliminating the need to run...

by Kevin Kearns on 4-20-15 in Industry Trends
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