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Top 3 Ways Retailers Use Market Data

by Dana O'Neill on 8-27-14 in Industry Trends

Market Intelligence eBookWithout knowing the context surrounding consumer behavior at the macro-level, it can be a challenge to realize what actions will drive more shoppers to your stores. “Knowing” means having the right data and applying it in the right ways to produce insights. Insights lead to action that improves business performance and outcomes. Market data is an important ingredient when trying to solve the “Knowing” equation. It provides retailers with the view they need to understand performance in context and take necessary action.

By knowing shopper visit trends from the macro (national) level down to the micro (zip code) level, retailers can better determine marketing effectiveness, benchmark performance, and improve real estate decision making. Market-level data by industry sector gives retailers the relevant information they need to see the big picture and to discover opportunities.

Download the eBook and learn the top 3 ways you can leverage market-level data to make better, fact-based retail decisions.

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