Digital Retail Journey: 5 Ways to Attract, Delight and Retain Customers


How well do you really understand your shoppers’ paths-to-purchase? Today’s modern path-to-purchase is complicated, and digital retail presents consumers’ with seemingly infinite options for researching and completing a purchase. Only the retailers that leverage savvy digital tools and rich customer information will stay top of mind and drive desirable shop-buy-repeat behaviors.

ShopperTrak has teamed up with Retail TouchPoints to assess retailers’ understanding of how to attract, delight and retain customers in our ever-shifting retail landscape. Download our new eBook, The Digital Retail Journey: 5 Ways To Attract, Delight And Retain Customers, to gain insight into:

  • Using digital channels to attract at-home shoppers
  • Bridging the e-commerce-to-store gap with content
  • Driving in-store traffic with new technologies
  • Applying data insights to provide personalized service
  • Boosting loyalty with post-purchase communication

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