ShopperTrak Coronavirus Global Reporting


ShopperTrak understands the need for the public to monitor broader retail traffic trends during the current Coronavirus pandemic. To help in this task, we are providing reporting that brings together the latest counts of confirmed virus cases with traffic trends for the corresponding time periods. We intend to publish this report every Monday by afternoon, CDT, depending upon data availability. We will also add more geographies and details when possible.

Data Sources:
• Year-over-year traffic data comes directly from ShopperTrak’s 40 billion annual footstep counts. The index takes data from each week or month and compares it to the same period during the prior year following a fiscal 4-5-4 retail calendar. For example, April 2020 is from April 5 – May 3, 2020 and compares to April 2019, which is from April 7 – May 4, 2019.

• All Coronavirus outbreak data is taken from Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering Department website, where source data from WHO, CDC and many other sources are constantly being monitored.

Note on the reported data: this report is not meant to be a definitive accounting of all global virus cases. We are focused on those geographies where there is common virus and ShopperTrak traffic data. Additionally, since there are some areas (such as cruise ships) where the Coronavirus has been identified, but a geography has not yet been linked, some of the country level totals may not exactly match counts reported elsewhere.

If you have any questions on this report, please contact our Retail Consulting Practice.