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With ShopperTrak, your Goodwill network will have greater insight into what factors are driving conversions.

Learn more about how ShopperTrak can increase selling opportunities by providing your network with insight into customer behavior.

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Why Traffic Counting?

With a greater insight, Goodwill's networks will see an increase in traffic, conversion, and transaction size. Additional benefits of traffic counting include:

  • 1. Measuring marketing campaign effectiveness.
  • 2. Improve labor optimization.
  • 3. Develop new strategies to maximize sales.

Who is Goodwill's Dedicated Team?

For questions on contracting and terms of service.
Elliot Rosen, Sales Manager
Phone: 312.676.8292

For questions regarding project coordination and installation.
Installation Coordinator

Your ShopperTrak Project Manager will reach out to you to begin the implementation process once all forms are submitted and the online agreement is signed. Please contact Elliot Rosen for details.