4th of July’s Top 5: Shopper Traffic Results, by City

by ShopperTrak on 07-08-16

Determining staffing needs over a holiday weekend can be a challenge for retailers, as holiday weekends often bring uncertainty around shopping behavior. Will the free time that comes with a holiday cause more people to flock to the stores, or prompt them to stay at home? When traffic could conceivably skyrocket or plummet, how can a retailer staff effectively?

ShopperTrak’s recommendation? Dig into your data.

This year’s 4th of July traffic data shows that shopper behavior varied greatly, on a city-by-city basis, over last weekend. The substantial variation in traffic levels by city means that retailers should, without a doubt, be drilling down into traffic data, performing YOY analyses, and viewing single store traffic in context with greater market trends (e.g., zipcode and city traffic levels).

Check out which U.S. cities saw the most and least traffic over this 4th of July weekend below. Did your city make the list?top markets3-01

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