[Infographic] Portraits of Holiday Shoppers, by Generation

by ShopperTrak on 11-17-16

With traffic levels steadily rising as Black Friday, which is the anticipated busiest day of the year, approaches, retailers would be wise to take a moment to consider just who might come into their stores this holiday season.

Naturally, the holidays mean that shoppers of all stripes will enter your stores’ doors — as such, many of them will not be members of your traditional “target demographic.” But how do you advise associates on how to cater to different types of holiday shoppers? A great place to start is to attempt to tap into the mindsets of shoppers of all ages.

ShopperTrak’s 2016 Holiday Shopper infographic provides you with critical demographic data, while granting you access to what motivates shoppers from every generation to head out to the stores this holiday.

Key takeaways from the graphic include:

  • Don’t discount Gen X. Despite the fact that Gen X is purportedly the smallest generation (i.e., fewest members), members of this generation are likely expected to spend the most money per person during the holidays.
  • Mobile drives in-store traffic. Though it may sound counterintuitive, to drive in-store sales, ensure that your mobile online presence is immaculate: in 2015, 50% of in-store visits were attributable to mobile devices.
  • Gen Z (that’s 6-20 year olds) is growing quickly. This is not only growing in age, but also in size, by 2020, Gen Z is projected to make up 40% of all consumers. Though members of this generation are ultra tech-savvy, the data shows that they prefer to shop in store.

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