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November 7, 2013

Enhanced ShopperTrak Report Delivers Traffic Data to Retailers the Following Day

CHICAGO – Nov. 7, 2013 – Retailers can now evaluate, benchmark and make key decisions based on their stores’ shopper traffic more quickly than ever before.


ShopperTrak – the world’s leading provider of  retail traffic analytics and consumer behavior analytics – today announced a “next-day traffic” feature for its signature Traffic Report. The proprietary report, which provides statistical estimates of daily shopper traffic in stores and was formerly delivered to customers once a week, now will give retailers daily data from the previous day’s estimated shopper visits. Next-day traffic will be available to users beginning Monday, Nov. 11, 2013.


ShopperTrak’s customers also will be able to benchmark performance geographically. In addition to the national level, the Traffic Report segments retail shopper traffic by four census regions (Northeast, South, Midwest and West), 33 metropolitan markets and more than 200 local shopping areas.


“Monitoring shopper traffic data in more than 60,000 locations gives us the unprecedented ability to create a robust traffic report that delivers retail insights to our customers faster than ever,” said ShopperTrak Chief Product Officer Chetan Ghai. “We continuously work with retailers to update, innovate and respond to their shopper traffic data needs. The enhanced Traffic Report will help our customers make timelier and more accurate business decisions – specifically in areas of marketing and operational effectiveness – to better improve in-store sales and create a competitive advantage.”


The updated feature arrives just in time for retailers to prepare their marketing and operational strategies for the holiday season. Quicker data access will help retailers identify and adjust to trends in a way they previously could not. For example, retailers may reposition products or adjust promotional pricing to ensure they maximize sales at the highest dollar margin based on shopper traffic and opportunity.


“Only ShopperTrak offers this type of comparative traffic analytics,” said Ghai. “Retailers can leverage insights from their Traffic Report to fine-tune business decisions like pricing, promotions, merchandise layouts and staff scheduling – key factors to managing a successful retail operation, particularly during the busy holiday season.”