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November 26, 2016

Retail Traffic on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday Levels Out

Shopper visit data indicates that Black Friday remains an important day for retail

CHICAGO – Nov. 26, 2016 – ShopperTrak, a Tyco Retail Solutions business unit, today released preliminary retail visit data for Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday 2016, finding that shopper visits declined a combined 1 percent when compared to the same days in 2015. Black Friday 2016 shopper visits, in particular, were flat when compared to Black Friday 2015.

“After analyzing historical shopper visit data, we found that Thanksgiving Day store openings were increasingly pulling shopper visits from Black Friday over the past few years,” said Brian Field, senior director of advisory services for ShopperTrak. “This year, we saw a reversal of that trend, which can be attributed to several factors including fewer store openings on Thanksgiving Day, as well as online shopping. Overall, the message is positive, as the data indicates that Black Friday is still a meaningful day for retail and should not be counted out.”

Eight of the 10 anticipated busiest shopping days still remain, including Super Saturday, which will shift to Dec. 17 due to Christmas Eve falling on the last Saturday before Christmas.

“Looking ahead, it is imperative that physical retailers align their operations – including marketing, staffing and inventory – in order to exceed customer expectations and capitalize on the sales opportunities resulting from the remaining busiest days,” added Field. “Successful retailers differentiate their brands through enhanced experiences rooted in quality products and services.”

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