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June 9, 2015

ShopperTrak and Workplace Announce Partnership to Optimize Retail Staffing Operations

Integration allows retailers to easily and effectively adjust staffing needs to maximize conversions 

CHICAGO – June 9, 2015 – ShopperTrak, the leading global provider of consumer behavior insights and location-based analytics, today announced a partnership with Workplace, the world’s first provider of employee-centric labor forecasting and scheduling, optimized for employers of hourly-paid workers. Through the seamless integration of two market leaders, retailers are able to optimize staffing operations and, as a result, enhance the customer experience and maximize conversion.

The partnership combines ShopperTrak’s perimeter analytics technology, which measures shopper visits in real time, with Workplace’s workforce management software, which helps growing companies create workforce schedules that support both employee work/life balance and strategic goals for business growth. The joint solution enables retailers to optimize their staffing operations based on real-time in-store data, allowing them to accurately manage employee scheduling and ensure service levels meet shopper needs.

“The path to purchase for many shoppers begins online and ends in the store, which means a shopper’s brick-and-mortar experience is a primary focus area for retailers,” said Kevin Kearns, chief revenue officer, ShopperTrak. “Retailers need reliable shopper data to effectively manage staff schedules and ensure customers have a superior experience. Through a turnkey implementation, retailers can accurately understand key shopping timeframes and adjust their staffing needs accordingly, using Workplace to make sure the right employees are scheduled at the right times.”

“Workplace’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product is designed to engage hourly-paid employees in a collaborative scheduling process through their own smart phones. It empowers store managers to build schedules based on local conditions and respond to forecast customer demand levels,” said David Farquhar, Group CEO, Workplace. “Our Smart Schedules™ – combined with ShopperTrak’s perimeter analytics technology – provides retailers of all sizes with unique insights to easily and effectively manage staff schedules, maximizing the customer experience.”

The solution is available today. For more information, please visit or

About Workplace

Workplace is the world’s first employee-centric forecasting and scheduling tool optimized for employers of hourly-paid workers. Our cloud-based smart scheduling product gives performance visibility to HQ, empowers location managers to shape schedules that reflect local conditions, and engages employees, delivering work-life balance and satisfaction levels through our mobile app to improve customer service and drive revenue.

With over 300 customers worldwide and offices in London, Chicago and Sydney, Workplace schedules over 500,000 workers every day in 70 countries. Workplace customers include companies globally, including DKNY, Warby Parker, H&M, Rite Aid, Wireless Vision, Harvey Norman, and Metro.