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Since 1995, ShopperTrak has been helping retailers, malls, and entertainment venues better understand consumer behavior and leverage that information to increase profitability. Constant innovation, global reach, and benchmarking set us apart.

With more than 20 billion shopper visits counted annually, and more than 1,200 customers worldwide, ShopperTrak is uniquely positioned as the industry leader in providing actionable insights that empower retailers to drive revenue.

Why Traffic Counting

Through a suite of solutions, Retail Analytics can provide insight into:

– People Counting & Conversion
– The Shopper Experience
– Marketing Effectiveness
– Market Benchmarks

With a greater understanding of these trends, NMG Members can make changes to increase traffic, conversion, and transaction size:

– Align staff to traffic patterns to maximize sales
– Quantify the mix of associates that has the most impact on sales
– Measure the extent to which marketing campaigns drive traffic
– Compare unique store traffic to traffic in the nearest market or zip code

Getting Started

Ready to gain insight into your store’s traffic and to start using data to drive sales? Start here:

Store Profile Form: Provide ShopperTrak with a store overview and other critical details necessary for a successful installation.
Customer Organization Profile: Provide ShopperTrak with key contact information for your organization and details on how you prefer to work with us.

Please complete and send both documents to

Installation Process

To prepare for the installation of ShopperTrak technology at your store location, review the Launch Guide and Installation Process and Timeline. These documents will provide needed background on ShopperTrak, our technology, and outline what to expect during the first 90 days.

Training Resources

Your dedicated ShopperTrak Engagement Manager will work to ensure you understand how to access store data, understand relevant trends, and make changes to positively impact sales.

Additional resources include:

– Ongoing, free quarterly webinars
– A complimentary web-based Learning Management System (LMS) that offers introductory courses on ShopperTrak overall, key metrics and the Insights Reporting Platform. For more information and to enroll visit:


Contact: Adam Kluck
Phone:   312-676-8285

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If you would like more information on ShopperTrak and the partnership details in place for NMG Members, please complete the form.

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