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Professional Services

Unleash the power of traffic insights for retail profitability


Your traffic investment and adoption through turning data into actionable insights.


Access to a premiere team of retail consultants who take a strategic approach to in-depth data analyses, driving desired business outcomes.


The impact of shopper traffic data across your organization by partnering with a dedicated expert to train staff, analyze data, and ensure that business goals are satisfied.

How it Works

ShopperTrak’s Professional Services team is dedicated to building long-term, future-oriented partnerships that enable retailers to achieve desirable business outcomes.

From starting off with a traffic solution to running advanced analyses on large datasets, ShopperTrak’s Professional Services team exists to:

  • Train your teams on how to successfully leverage traffic insights
  • Provide access to retail consultants who take a data-driven approach to solving big-picture business problems
  • Guide you through the customizable pilot process

With a skilled team of experts who have deep retail experience, ShopperTrak’s Professional Services team is thoroughly equipped to help meet your unique business needs.


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Improving Store Performance with Applied Shopper Analytics

ShopperTrak’s Retail Consulting Practice, a division of the Professional Services team, works one-on-one with retail organizations of all sizes to:

  • Perform segmentation analyses to better align store-level KPIs – e.g., sales-per-shopper, shopper-to-associate ratio
  • Leverage predictive analytics, which enables highly accurate traffic forecasting, to better capitalize on sales opportunities
  • Optimize labor planning and scheduling effectiveness through right-size staffing to improve service and ROI
  • Drive customer traffic into stores and shopping centers by improving promotional effectiveness
  • Create shopper journey outcomes using custom analytics that trace customer pathways, in-store interactions, and purchasing decisions
  • Refine strategies that boost real estate portfolio performance in order to inform expansion and contraction decisions

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