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To draw in shoppers and keep them coming back for more, you allocate significant resources toward digital marketing campaigns and on-site displays. However, it's challenging to marry your online and in-store programs together. How can you get a holistic view into your marketing effectiveness?

Draw Rate

Know how many people walk by vs. how many walk in your store.

Campaign Effectiveness

Understand which promotions and displays trigger shoppers to enter the most.


Creatively turn first-time shoppers into your biggest fans.

How it Works

marketing effectiveness

Discover Campaign Success

From couch to cash register, ShopperTrak helps you set up and manage marketing campaigns, while understanding which ones capture the most foot traffic to your space. With a technology-agnostic approach, you can build engaging email marketing campaigns based on visitor trends, loyalty programs on your app or on the shopkick app, understand which window displays are most effective, and more.

marketing effectiveness

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Learn how ShopperTrak’s retail analytics provides insight into your marketing effectiveness and enables your marketing team to drive more shoppers in-store.

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