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ShopperTrak’s 2018 Must-Know Retail Technologies

by Bill McCarthy on 01-30-18

Got traffic? Then, check out this hand-picked selection of innovative, must-know retail technologies that we saw at NRF’s Big Show 2018. At this year’s Big Show, the expo hall was buzzing with new, improved, and must-know retail technologies that are shaping the future of retail. But, let’s face it, that expo hall was packed — there’s...

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Retailers, Evolve or Risk Failure: 3 Tactics for Leveraging Data

by Bill McCarthy on 04-10-17

Retail is and has always been a fiercely competitive industry. In order to ensure success, retailers must constantly reinforce their points of differentiation through expanded capabilities, rather than making last-ditch adjustments in hopes of addressing fluctuating performance. Specifically, the best retailers leverage the wealth of available data supplied by in-store and online technologies in order...

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3 Savvy IoT Strategies for Retailers in 2017 and Beyond

by Bill McCarthy on 03-22-17

Juniper Research forecasts that merchants will spend $2.5 billion on IoT technologies by 2020. In fact, many brands are already leveraging IoT strategies for retailers that allow them to better understand consumer behavior and optimize the in-store experience. As the number of available connected technologies increases, so too does the number of new opportunities for...

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5 Critical Components of a Successful IoT Retail Strategy

by ShopperTrak on 06-29-16

The Internet of Things (IoT) is poised to transform the retail industry. As consumers’ expectations, along with their shopping habits, evolve, retailers must prepare to leverage data and new technology to compete in today’s rapidly advancing marketplace. We know that it can be challenging to stay up to date on the latest IoT advances, which...