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Using Conversion to Inform Labor Models

“Understanding the power of conversion was a tremendous unlock for our brand,” Catherine McCabe, a Vice President of Teavana, says in the below interview to ShopperTrak’s Brian Field. McCabe, like many of ShopperTrak’s clients, understands how conversion is one of, if not the, most important KPI for driving in-store sales.  Why? Because, as McCabe discusses,...

by Bill McCarthy on 3-16-17 in Industry Trends

The Retail Calendar: Importance & Impact on Forecasting

The retail calendar lies at the core of nearly every major retail operation. Because shopping is highly dependent on day of the week, month of the year, and holidays, the importance of this calendar cannot be overstated. Having the right comparison periods is critical to understanding performance. In the latest edition of ShopperTrends, Brian Field,...


Three Tactics Smart Retailers are Using to Boost Performance

It is estimated that retail traffic has declined by 5.8% over the past five years. As such, maintaining a healthy conversion rate in-store is more important than ever. In this new video, Kevin Kearns, Chief Revenue Officer of ShopperTrak, lays out three tactics for retailers who are looking to offset this decline and boost revenue....


Introduction to Advanced Retail Metrics & Peer Grouping

Whether you’re a retail analytics novice or have been leveraging the data for years, sage advice can be found in our new interview with ShopperTrak’s Senior Director of Advisory Services, Brian Field. In this interview, Field zeroes in on two must-know advanced retail metrics: STAR – that’s Shopper-To-Associate-Ratio – and Sales-per-Shopper. He details the particular...

by Bill McCarthy on 5-27-16 in Industry Trends

Using Technology to Engage Along the Path-to-Purchase

ShopperTrak’s Chief Product Officer, Chetan Ghai, offers his take on engaging with the increasingly educated shopper along the ever-changing path-to-purchase. Given that nearly 75% of shoppers leave stores without making a purchase, Ghai discusses the role that technology will play in providing critical insight into the consumer’s path-to-purchase and how to leverage this insight to...

by Kevin Kearns on 3-23-16 in Industry Trends

Key Challenges for Retailers in 2016, an Interview

Retail TouchPoints stopped by ShopperTrak’s booth with cameras in tow at this year’s BIG Show. In this video interview, Debbie Hauss, Editor at Retail TouchPoints, talks to ShopperTrak’s Chief Revenue Officer, Kevin Kearns, about key challenges for retailers in 2016. Hauss also inquires about the debut of ShopperTrak’s Advanced Analytics platform. Watch the interview to hear...

by Dana O'Neill on 2-3-16 in Industry Trends

Video: Johnston & Murphy Testimonial

Founded in 1850, Johnston & Murphy is a luxury American shoe brand that is known for its superior service and quality. In this video, the company’s Executive Vice President of Retail and eCommerce, Danny Ewoldsen, shares how the adoption of ShopperTrak’s People Counting & Conversion solution led to a 10% increase in conversion, as well...


The Future of Shopping Centers & Large-Format Venues

In this edition of ShopperTrends, Chetan Ghai, ShopperTrak’s Chief Product Officer, comments on the future of shopping centers, trends in large-format venues, and how places, such as malls, can leverage traffic and consumer behavior data. Ghai believes that, slowly but surely, malls are becoming recreational venues in which one will shop, dine, and seek out...

by Dana O'Neill on 1-22-16 in Industry Trends

Drive Revenue in Retail: Then & Now [Video]

Hear from the founder of the shopper traffic industry, ShopperTrak’s Bill Martin, on changes he’s seen retailers implement in their stores throughout the past 20 years, and how data enables retailers to improve the shopper experience and drive revenue. The video also shares Martin’s insight into: What the next 20 years will bring for brick-and-mortar...

by Kevin Kearns on 1-6-16 in Industry Trends

Applying Retail Analytics, Essential Steps

Retailers and mall owners juggle a variety of data sets to assess store operations, marketing efforts and customer behaviors, but, for many, it remains a challenge to act on the very insights that are outlined in different reports. In this new video, ShopperTrak’s VP of Professional Services, Kristin Kranias, discusses using traffic data as the...

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