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Introduction to Retail Analytics: KPIs, Traffic Counts, and More

Ever wonder how location-based technology helps retail businesses grow? Been curious to know precisely which KPI is the most important for your business? These questions and more are answered in the following video interview between Luke Horrocks, a ShopperTrak Engagement Manager, and Retail Systems, a leading POS business. In this informative interview, Horrocks explains the...

by Bill McCarthy on 6-16-16 in Industry Trends

10 Tactics to Improve the Shopper Experience

On Tuesday, August 18, ShopperTrak participated in a webinar hosted by RIS News about the “New Rules of Customer Engagement in a Disrupted Landscape”, which focused on ways that retailers can engage with shoppers across the path-to-purchase in order to drive sales. Highlights include how to: Create compelling at-home browsing and shopping experiences Drive shoppers to stores, increasing...


New Rules of Customer Engagement in a Disrupted Landscape

The disruptive forces that are shifting the path-to-purchase are also creating powerful engagement options for retailers, providing new ways to interact with consumers and gain insight into their wants and needs. As a retailer, how can you build a consumer engagement plan that is broad and sophisticated enough to leverage all the digital tools available...


Interior Location Analytics Webinar

Recently acquired RapidBlue Solutions, a mobile technology company, enables performance measurement beyond the doorway and into the aisles and end-caps. Join RapidBlue Founder and now Director of Location Analytics, Sampo Parkkinen, to learn what to expect when deploying the now-available solution.

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