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Introduction to Advanced Retail Metrics & Peer Grouping

by Bill McCarthy on 5-27-16 in Industry Trends

Whether you’re a retail analytics novice or have been leveraging the data for years, sage advice can be found in our new interview with ShopperTrak’s Senior Director of Advisory Services, Brian Field.

In this interview, Field zeroes in on two must-know advanced retail metrics: STAR – that’s Shopper-To-Associate-Ratio – and Sales-per-Shopper. He details the particular insight that these metrics yield, and why these metrics, among others, are critical to the successful peer grouping of “like” stores.

Successful peer grouping, Field claims, enables retailers to effectively and easily create accountability at the individual store level.

For additional information on implementing achievable store-level accountabilities and how to leverage advanced retail metrics, watch the interview below in its entirety.



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