The Retail Calendar: Impact on Forecasting

The Retail Calendar: Importance & Impact on Forecasting


The retail calendar lies at the core of nearly every major retail operation. Because shopping is highly dependent on day of the week, month of the year, and holidays, the importance of this calendar cannot be overstated. Having the right comparison periods is critical to understanding performance.

In the latest edition of ShopperTrends, Brian Field, ShopperTrak’s Senior Director of Advisory Services, explains how retailers leverage the NRF calendar, the critical store-level metrics that should be examined alongside the calendar, and how seasonality affects retailers’ strategies.

Click here for more in-depth information on calendar shifting, or check out this post to see how the calendar can influence promotional strategies.



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Kristin Kranias is the Vice President of Global Professional Services at ShopperTrak where she leads the client engagement, field change management and advisory services teams serving our 1200+ retail customers. Kristin joined ShopperTrak along with purchase of her company, SaleTally, a marketing data company that aggregates and analyzes retail promotion data.

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