Why Retailers Should Care About the Internet of Things

Why Retailers Should Care About the Internet of Things

by Adan Pope on 6-15-15 in Industry Trends

Adan Pope, ShopperTrak’s Chief Technology Officer joins Erin Harris, Executive Editor of Integrated Solutions For Retailers to talk about the Internet of Things’ (IoT) impact on retail.

During the podcast, you’ll learn the true definition of IoT and why it matters to retailers of every size. Adan also discusses examples of IoT done right in today’s evolved retail landscape.

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Adan Pope is the Chief Technology Officer at ShopperTrak, where he oversees the organization's technological advancement, including the research and development of cutting-edge innovations. He is a highly experienced communications software executive with a 25-year career in technical strategy and leadership that has seen him consistently working at the forefront of industry innovation.

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