ShopperTrak Academy


On-demand training, available 24X7


Conversion training for various user groups to fully leverage traffic data


Available in 9 languages to effectively scale a retailer’s traffic investment

How it Works

ShopperTrak Academy is a series of on-demand, online training courses. The training is designed to enable retailer’s frontline and corporate teams to transform in-store traffic data into insights and action. Driving adoption and usage of retail analytics across store-level and corporate-level staff is essential in the increasing conversions and delivering an optimal shopper experience.

The ShopperTrak Academy curriculum is comprised of ten complimentary courses available to all ShopperTrak customers. Sessions are self-paced, perfect for distributed and field workforces. Topics help store operations schedule retail labor, ultimately improve conversions, and also cover:

• An overview of ShopperTrak, identifying and actioning in-store traffic trends for retail profitability
• An understanding of conversion and how to use it as a performance metric
• A description of ShopperTrak’s solutions and processes to ensure accurate retail traffic data for your unique store needs

Other specific breakout courses are available for corporate or store-level usage.

ShopperTrak Academy is available in 9 languages including German (DE), English (EN), Spanish (ES), French (FR), Italian (IT), Japanese (JA), Polish (PL), Portuguese (PT) and Chinese (ZH).

ShopperTrak developed training to drive adoption of frontline and corporate users of retail traffic data, aimed at creating the optimal customer experience.

Six premium courses are available for an additional cost.

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