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Get started by providing ShopperTrak with a store overview and other critical details necessary for a successful installation: Customer Organization and Store Profile Form.

Next, review and complete the purchase and services agreement: Click Here to View Agreement.

Once both of the above documents are complete send both documents to Kevin Coleman at ShopperTrak: Click Here to Email Documents.

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Retail Analytics Suite
Through a suite of solutions, Retail Analytics can provide insight into:

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Why Traffic Counting?
With a greater insight, Ace Hardware Retailers can make changes to increase traffic, conversion, and transaction size:

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Providing Ace Hardware Retailers with insight into customer behavior to drive traffic and increase opportunities for selling.

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Training Process

To prepare for the installation of ShopperTrak technology at your store location, review the Launch Guide and Installation Process and Timeline.

These documents will provide needed background on ShopperTrak, our technology, and outline what to expect during the first 90 days.

Training Resources

Our dedicated ShopperTrak Engagement Manager will work to ensure Ace Hardware Retailers understand how to access store data, understand relevant trends, and make changes to positively impact sales.

Ace Hardware’s Dedicated Engagement Manager:
Oliver Robertson | 
Phone: 312-529-5342
Email: EngagementManagersAmericas@shoppertrak.com
Kevin Coleman | Phone: 312-529-5379
Email: kcoleman@shoppertrak.com