Change Management and the Importance to Retailers

Change Management is More Important than Ever


Defined, change management refers to any approach to transition individuals, teams, and organizations to use methods intended to re-direct the use of resources, business process, budget allocations, or other modes of operation that significantly reshape a company or organization.

A basic instance of change management in a retail setting is the implementation of headsets among associates in order to enable more seamless communication, as in-person conversation is no longer necessary. Change management requires all associates be shown how to use, charge, and troubleshoot the new technology. Its value must be instilled across the organization in order for it to motivate associates and alter their behavior.

Why is this important? Because retail is moving far beyond simplistic devices – e.g., headphones – and into high-end technology that has the potential to profoundly alter the in-store experience. Today’s shoppers crave an experience. As such, the stakes are high and the entire retail organization needs to understand and be able to act on the value of improved operations.

Today, we see various retailers excelling at innovation through implementing various forms of cutting-edge technology into their brick-and-mortar operations. For example, I no longer need to visit a make-up counter and swatch ten different shades of foundation in order to find a perfect match. Instead, I can visit Sephora, where the associate will use a Color IQ device to capture an image of my skin and then suggest the ideal makeup for me – all for free.

This process is successful because change management enabled the delivery of innovative processes. Without proper change management, an associate could avoid using such a device for a myriad of reasons. And, while I could find a shade that matches my skin tone, the testing experience would be no different than it would be at any other make-up counter. Change management progress while ensuring that the challenges of a new approach are mitigated.

At ShopperTrak, we realize the value of change management. That’s why we maintain a professional services solution, which provides the framework for positioning the impact of traffic, conversion, and other key metrics across the organization. With an established change management process, retailers can prepare, manage and reinforce tactics to gain buy-in from the field and accelerate results. Through further data integration – e.g., via segmenting and peer group analysis – retailers will achieve high-impact results.  To learn more about how ShopperTrak can optimize the performance of your retail organization, click here.

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Kristin Kranias is the Vice President of Global Professional Services at ShopperTrak where she leads the client engagement, field change management and advisory services teams serving our 1200+ retail customers. Kristin joined ShopperTrak along with purchase of her company, SaleTally, a marketing data company that aggregates and analyzes retail promotion data.

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