Father’s Day is on its way – but are the crowds coming too?

by ShopperTrak on 06-16-15

As Father’s Day takes place in the UK this weekend (Sunday 21st June), families across the country are busy preparing special plans for their dads. And the preparations don’t just lie with the shoppers; retailers and shopping centres have also been blasting out promotions to drive revenue around this special event.

Annual celebrations such as Father’s Day and Mother’s Day present a great deal of potential for the retail industry all around the world. With countless shoppers on the hunt for gifts, both stores and shopping centres could be in the perfect position to entice consumers with their offering – if their set-up is optimised for the influx in retail traffic.

Knowing how this retail traffic unfolds is crucial to maximising profit potential. Father’s Day happens at different times of the year across the globe, but interesting observations can still be drawn on what happens to footfall during the run up in each market.

Australia and India both experienced an uplift in footfall the weekend before Father’s Day last year, by +22% and +1% respectively. However, the trend does not stretch to the likes of Ireland (-9%), Germany (-2%) and Italy (-2%), all of which saw decreases in footfall on the Saturday prior to Father’s Day.

While the UK also saw a drop of -4%, its retail parks that managed a +2% increase Year-on-Year – perhaps because traditional ‘dad’ shops such as DIY stores and garden centres tend to be located at out of town venues!

Unfortunately, it seems that Father’s Day itself doesn’t bring in retail footfall either; consumers generally stay away from stores to spend time with their dads. The UK in particular has seen footfall on the day decreasing Year-on-Year since 2011, while the likes of Australia, India, Ireland and France saw a fall in 2014. Italy is the only region that experienced positive footfall growth on Father’s Day last year, rising by +4% compared to 2013.

With fluctuations between regions and years, the only way to truly be able to maximise the potential of events such as Father’s Day is by analysing and reacting to footfall trends as they unfold. Site Analytics by FootFall gives retail decision makers –including front-line staff – intra-day data, delivered to their devices in a way that highlights key metrics, so they can make profit-driving decisions on the spot.

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